For those of you not present at either our Grand Rapids or our Cleveland show this past Sunday and Monday respectively (excepting of course close friends not in attendance who were privy to this information prior to the commencement of tour), Kevin has, after roughly ten years of standing to my left and playing guitar in La Dispute, decided to move on to pursue other endeavors. Unsurprisingly, he’s stepping only sideways in his passion, opting instead to pursue the building of beautiful guitars rather than to play guitar beautifully as a profession, enrolling in a luthiery school here in our home state of Michigan starting this summer.

As those of you forced to suffer through my sentimental speeches during his final two shows have already heard me say, it’s as difficult for us to see him step down as it must’ve been for him to commit to doing so, and our sadness in him leaving is surpassed only by our excitement for him in the future he has chosen. He is nothing short of truly remarkable human, and he has been a vitally important member of whatever this thing is since it’s earliest infancy and the remaining four members of it plus extended family are forever in debt for his contributions both as a musician and, more importantly always, as a dear friend. There’s already a Kevbo shaped hole in me and in all of us, and we’ll feel it forever, I know. There’s really nobody like him.

And of course, I speak only of that absence in the context of the van and on stage–we’ll all remain family till death. Anybody who was in attendance for the farewell hometown show and his final show knows that without a shred of uncertainty (the chants were unreal, thank you). In all honesty, we wouldn’t be posting this were it not to combat the internet’s nasty habit of misinformation. This was a decision made between Kevin and us, five friends who’ve done more together than we ever could’ve imagined all those years back in the warehouse of a hardware store in Grand Rapids, MI. So, best to Kevin in this public forum, thanks for everything. Be seeing you soon, bud.


-ld (Brad, Chad, Jordan, Vass, and Kevin Scott “Kevbo” Whittemore)

(In the meantime, our old friend Corey worked his ass off learning songs with Kev and will be joining us in Europe, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Make him feel at home. He’s one of the best. Oh – And thanks for the fantastic photo Andy, you’re a good man.)



Waiting Periods

We had one between writing and recording, several months of separation spent ruminating on what transpired up North, editing and amending, editing and amending, and then another after that, or more than one, really, post-October, post-recording, working on mixes and tying up loose ends, back and forth from Michigan to Pennsylvania, up late nights and early mornings for video calls to the opposite side of the world almost every single day.

But proactive pauses, mostly, ever tinkering towards contentment, always adjusting, staying busy. When by January we’d reached our goal the waiting periods became, not less busy or not less productive, but different. The work we had shifted. Notes and scratches and cymbal crashes became deadlines and interviews and the other business considerations that follow writing and recording and rarely go noticed. None of it bad, of course, only different, at times more strenuous and at others much less, but important the whole way. The great reveal, or the slow rolling out more accurately, the behind the scenes things.

And that’s the longest waiting period. Sitting on something. The record done, the constant tease of talking about it, the putting of plans in motion with the people who work so hard to see it realized even when they don’t have an immediate involvement in making it, just a selfless sometimes inexplicable dedication to seeing it come to fruition (so many people put their hearts into this record and they will never get the credit, all of the available thanks to those people times five thousand from the bottoms of each of our hearts).

But that period is done today, which is the long, rambling point of all of this. And now the waiting periods are shorter, just day long blocks from end of one set to the beginning of the next. The record is out, officially, though some of you already have it (another thanks to all of those who do), and it’s not just ours anymore. It’s yours, or it’s your neighbors, or it’s your cousins, or it’s whomevers. It doesn’t matter, really, but it’s out there. It’s here and there, and I hope you find it, even if only for the briefest moment.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen, and to all of you for listening.

Means the world and more.

To purchase “Rooms of the House” directly from us, visit our website:

Or, find on iTunes and Amazon.


thank you.
-ld (bttrlvng)

There are 2 ways to listen –

1) on Soundcloud via Noisey

2) or listen and read along to these lyric videos our own Adam Vass made.



have fun.



Very happy to announce we’ll be heading back to Australia and New Zealand this coming spring with the talented Balance and Composure. Huge thank-you’s to Resist and Triple J for helping us out this time around. Dates, information, and tickets are below. Thanks everyone, this will be a fantastic run.


LaDispute NZ


La Dispute Australia / New Zealand 2014
with special guests Balance And Composure

Saturday June 7 – Rosemount, Perth
Doors 8:00pm
Tickets available HERE or at all Oztix outlets

Sunday June – 8 YMCA HQ, Perth – AA
Doors 1:00pm
Tickets available HERE or at all Oztix outlets

Wednesday June 11 – Fowlers, Adelaide – Lic / AA
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets available HERE, Clarity Records, Moshtix outlets, and Venue Tix

Thursday June 12 – Corner, Melbourne
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets available HERE or from the venue 1300 724 867

Friday June 13 – Corner, Melbourne
Doors 7:30
Ticket available HERE or from the venue 1300 724 867

Saturday June 14 – Corner, Melbourne – Under 18
Doors 12:30pm
Tickets available HERE or from the venue 1300 724 867

Sunday June 15 – Basement, Canberra
Doors 8:00pm
Tickets available HERE or at all Oztix outlets

Wednesday June 18 – Metro, Sydney – Lic / AA
Doors 7:00pm
Tickets available HERE or at all Ticketek outlets

Thursday June 19 – Trinity Hall, Brisbane – AA
Doors 5:00pm
Tickets available HERE or at all Oztix outlets

Friday June 20 – Hi Fi, Brisbane
Doors 8:00pm
Tickets available HERE, the venue: tel 1300-THEHIFI,  or all Oztix outlets.

Saturday June 21 – Ellen Melville Hall, Auckland AA
Tickets available HERE

Sunday June 22 – Zeal, Wellington AA
Tickets available HERE

Hello friends:

Our new record, Rooms of the House, is now available for pre-order. Simply click here, select your region on the map, and you’ll be directed to the appropriate pre-order location.
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All pre-orders come with an immediate download of “Stay Happy There”

A bundle edition of Rooms of the House is also available and will include the following:

  • Blue swirl Rooms of the House LP
  • Yesterday’s Home – a 48 page paperback of lyrics, notes, photographs, and artwork which documents the writing and recording of ROTH
  • 3″ embroidered patch
  • Exclusive sticker pack
  • Tote bag
  • 12″ screen printed poster
  • Digital download of ROTH

ROTH Bundle


The Better Living label was created as a means to collaborate with other artists and also non-profits and charities who we connect with and want to support. As part of the pre-order for Rooms of the House, we are inviting those who order to choose one of three organizations from their region that they would like to support through their purchase. The three organizations will all be given a donation, the amount depending on the number of votes each receives.

By choosing one of the organizations, you are helping them continue to run projects, workshops, and programming within your communities and around the world. We encourage you to look into each of the programs and choose something that you feel is important to you.

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