Niall Coffey shot and directed a video for us around his home in London last year that you may have seen, for the song “Woman (Reading).” By then he was a friend.


Before that, he was a stranger stateside, a visitor in the van and backstage with us and his cameras, shooting footage—live and candid—and grilling us and others in interviews. A bizarre dynamic admittedly, being filmed, but it didn’t take long to acclimate, to let the camera be secondary to good company while driving around in a crowded van and playing music, Niall in tow.


The culmination of all that is a documentary he made about that tour and about our band called “Tiny Dots” that premieres November 1st in select cities across the United States. If you happen to live in or in close proximity to one of those places, we would—and Niall would—love for you to go see it.


Of course, for those of you either out of range or in range but busy that night, there are options:


  1. A digital version, for the technological, will be available the following day for download. And,
  2. A hard copy, coming December 4th, for those desiring a tangible thing for the bookshelf (or, DVD shelf, as it were, between “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” and “Titicut Follies”).


Elsewhere, filed also in UPCOMING EVENTS, we leave for tour the day after the film shows. Westbound first, for the first time in ages, to play shows with some old friends from Japan called Envy who no one should ever miss an opportunity to see or to listen to because they are truly, truly an astounding band (and wonderful, wonderful people to boot) then further South than we’ve ever gone before to the America below ours for a handful of shows in beautiful Brazil, which we couldn’t be more excited about.


And that’s the word tonight, sitting here with the radio on and running out of things to say:




Excited to play, to travel.

Excited to see close friends along the way in Envy and in Pity Sex.

Excited to meet new friends in Wildhoney.

Excited to see places we haven’t seen in awhile and places that we haven’t yet seen.

But most of all, excited—hopefully, hopefully—to see you, whoever and wherever you might be.


Where I hope the weather is nice because it’s beautiful in Michigan.



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